Tuesday, 3 August 2010

My New Home


My name is Jasper Budi Fountain. My Mum calls me Budi for short . Pronounced Boo Dee .Its an Indonesian name and it means The Wise One. I guess she thinks I will grow up to be wise :)

I was created at Tiggy's Nursery by my Mums friend, a lovely lady called Susan. You can see more babies like me on her website :http://stork.webs.com/
I arrived yesterday in my new home in Cornwall and met my Mummy. She was very happy and said I was even cuter than my photos :)

I had to try on my new clothes ,not much fun for me !  But then I got to play with my new toys. I have a bunch of bananas and a toy Lemur and a big teddy bear :).

When Mummy wasn't looking I did a bit of exploring and found the bed was great fun to climb on !!

After all that excitement is was time for a nap.


  1. Hi Jasper im so happy you have settled in your new home you behave your self now lol big hugs Tiggy xxx

  2. I bet Tiggy is one proud x mummy and i know your over the moon with him Spooky

    I am well pleased with Damon from Tiggy as well