Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Shiny things !!!

Hello friends !
Today I found this interesting looking box on the table ! 
Oooh what's inside?   

Ooh Shiny things !!!

Like my new hat ?
Look at my crown ,  King of the Jungle !

Mum caught me ! but cos I looked funny she didnt get cross. 
After we tidied up she let me have this, now look like a cornish surf dude :)

Saturday, 7 August 2010

My photo album

Mummy has been busy today but I have had fun playing with the other animals in my room. There is an old monkey in a funny hat called Jacko, a Meerkat, a Lemur, a Racoon , a couple of bears and an Elephant in a green suit and a crown !! He tell me he is King Barbar and he is in charge around here !!  We will see hehe.
 Mum says she is sorry she didnt have time to play but she is making me a new hat tonight :)
Here is a photo album of me I hope you like it !

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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I got tangled !!

Hello !
I had a quiet day today. I was tired after my long journey and all the new things yesterday so I had lots of sleeps today  . Mummy was busy working on a new reborn baby so I was very good for her !

When I woke up I had some milk and me and mummy watched some tv.

Then Mummy showed me the wool she's going to knit my new hat with. I ran away with it and got a bit tangled !!  



After my nap today I decided to explore.
ooh what's this?

Oops! I think I'm stuck!

Look what I found !  
How do I look?

Mummy thought the hat looked good and she has promised to knit one just for me :)
Time for bed

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

My New Home


My name is Jasper Budi Fountain. My Mum calls me Budi for short . Pronounced Boo Dee .Its an Indonesian name and it means The Wise One. I guess she thinks I will grow up to be wise :)

I was created at Tiggy's Nursery by my Mums friend, a lovely lady called Susan. You can see more babies like me on her website :
I arrived yesterday in my new home in Cornwall and met my Mummy. She was very happy and said I was even cuter than my photos :)

I had to try on my new clothes ,not much fun for me !  But then I got to play with my new toys. I have a bunch of bananas and a toy Lemur and a big teddy bear :).

When Mummy wasn't looking I did a bit of exploring and found the bed was great fun to climb on !!

After all that excitement is was time for a nap.